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Social Distance has Never Looked Better

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With the challenges presented to social gatherings in the world of Covid-19, the dining space has been forced into a reimaging. Business owners, employees and clients have to consider their personal safety in everything they do. F&H Outdoor Cafe Partitions are where traditional outdoor comfort meets Hygienic social separation. 

With Acousticlear’s hygienic screens, customers can rest comfortably knowing they are separated from others with FDA approved material. Chemical-Resistant and UV-Resistant, these partitions are easy to clean with heavy chemicals or UV light, making them a safe and sanitary solution to your protective needs.These screens are completely clear, resist punctures and scratches, and don't muffle or block sound.

As seen in the Philadelphia Inquirer 

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How Does it work

Using proven joinery techniques

F&H has developed a modular Partition system.

With interlocking components and universal connections,

We can offer a range of sizes and configurations.

Clients can work with our customer service team

to design systems that best fit their needs


while our standard components can be adapted to fit most situations, We are prepared to commit

our full production power to provide any custom

components that may prove necessary 

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From intimate 2 tops to spacious 6 tops. 

F&H outdoor Partitions can meet any need


Mix and Match Sizes to suit your needs

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Get in contact today and see what we can do for your business

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